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When goblins fall...

"Why aren't they green?..." "My dog is prettier than they are."

Answering the request of Grunden Rockseeker, our heroes ventured forth to bring much needed supplies to the village of Phandelvin. Miles into the wooded areas of the trail they spotted two dead horses, blocking their path. Immediately half the group went to investigate while the other half stood guard. One horse belonged to Grunden as the other belonged to his companion. The investigation also revealed missing items from the saddle bags including an empty map case. The arrows used to kill the horses matched arrows from goblins, known to attack traders and travelers alike, especially in this region.
Suddenly, with cunning vision, the dwarf cleric spied four goblins readying a surprise attack. In his excitement to do battle, the dwarf casts back his arm, hand holding a single throwing ax, to find that his grips lips and his weapon tumbles behind him. Several attacks by his remaining comrades also fall short to success. Till suddenly a blue dragonborn sorcerer steps forward and with confidence casts a single ray of frost to the chuckling goblins. As the laughing slowly fades, a single goblin falls to the ground beneath them, shattering into millions of pieces. Before any other goblin could retaliate, could even breath, a warrior throws a single ax which connects with the shocked look on the dead goblin’s comrade. As he too falls, another goblin takes a quick javelin to his shoulder as they make their way to escape.
The party, recovering from their short battle, encourages a gold dragonborn ranger to pursue the remaining goblins in hopes of finding their lost employer. Recovering their weapons and hiding the supplies, the ranger returns with news of a small cave system five miles from their position, where the goblins fled to.
Making their way to the cave, the party careful spies two goblins on lookout, signalling a small horde living inside the cavern. As one of their mightiest fighters makes his way to remove the sentries, quietly, his ringlet chain mail gives away his approach, alerting the Goblins, only to find that as the goblin stands up to look over the bushes at the oncoming noise, a sword makes contact with the goblin’s throat, slashing him brutally and leaving him laying in his comrade’s arms. Adding insult to injury, the party’s wizard surprises them with a spell of acid, dispatching the wounded goblin and bringing the other close to death’s grip. As the goblin lays suffering in melting rage, the dragonborn ranger opens her mouth to release a torrent of flame that destroys the evidence of the goblin watch but sets fire to the brushes. In fear of alerting the goblins within, the blue dragonborn releases a blast of ice from his mouth and extinguishes the flames. Smoke still manages to creep into the cave, but with stout hearts, the party moves onward.
Entering the dark cavern, the smell of rotting animals and goblin filth fill their nostrils. At the turn of the entrance, the party is greeted by three wolves, chained to a boulder, not far from them. The wolves make quick lunges at them but to no avail, the chains keep them entirely out of reach. The dragonborn rogue reaches slowly, her movements lucid, her intentions strong, as she picks up a bone with the remains of some poor creature still attached. She looks at the wolves with determination and intent. As she shushes them they suddenly turn to her as a new master. Flinging the meat at the now hungry pups, the party makes their way into the wolves’ pen, finding a steep passage where their dark drow elf nimbly makes her way up to a small crack in the wall, picking at pieces of rock, a sudden beam of light emanates through the cavern as she spies what appears to be the goblin’s main den and at the center lay their leader, a bugbear of great size and ferocity.



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