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Fantastic Words and Where To Find Them...

In the Cs category, here are some great words to use in our adventures...

I love this article series by Raging Swan press;

  • Cache: a hidden store of provisions, weapons, treasure etc.
  • Callithump: a noisy, boisterous band or parade
  • Callimastian: having beautiful, well-shaped breasts
  • Calumny: the malicious utterance of false charges or misrepresentation
  • Canaille: the masses; a mob, rabble
  • Capacious: capable of holding much
  • Celerity: swiftness, speed
  • Chaffer: haggle, exchange, barter
  • Chamfrain: the frontlet of an armed horse for a feudal knight, often engraved with designs
  • Cloyer: a pickpocket’s accomplice or the one who intrudes into a bunch of thieves to claim a share
  • Colloquy: a formal conversation or conference
  • Concatenate: to link together in a series or chain
  • Congruous: being in agreement, harmony or correspondence; conforming to the circumstances or requirements of a situation; marked or enhanced by harmonious agreement among elements
  • Contemn: to view or treat with contempt; scorn
  • Coruscate: to give off or reflect light in bright beams or flashes; sparkle
  • Coruscating: to emit sparkles of light; sparkle
  • Cosh: a small cottage, hut
  • Coterminous: having a common boundary
  • Coven: a meeting of witches
  • Crapulous: marked by intemperance especially in eating and drinking; sick from excessive indulgence in liquor
  • Croodle: to creep close; a faint humming, the low music of birds
  • Cuckold: a man whose wife has committed adultery
  • Cupidity: inordinate desire for wealth; avarice, greed; strong desire; lust
  • Cyclopean: having the kind of masonry used in preclassical Greek architecture, characterised by large undressed blocks of stone

More Cool Words?
Do you know other cool, but odd, words beginning with the letter “C”? If you do, share them in the comments below and add to your fellow gamers’ vocabulary!



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